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股票池小型客货车"So much money, not afraid to be robbed?" "The young man called xiao ze was surprised."Snow?"Before there was sima lang for his advice, planning for the future, liu bei in jingzhou this period of time, although failed to grasp the real power, but the invisible force is constantly expanding, but now sima lang's death, liu bei immediately fell into confusion, and tomorrow what to do? At that moment, liu bei was eager to return to jizhou. However, sima lang's last words about lumen-liu bei were also familiar to him. It was a holy place for jingxiang shi-tzu.

"Shameless boy, how dare to sneak attack!" In the cry of vigorous anger, han rong has led the army rushed up, see the gate is being opened slowly, can not help but be furious, pick the bow to take the arrow, two arrow clusters at the same time break through the air, two are opening the door of the soldiers nailed to the gate!"Guangping was lost, handan was captured, and lu bu's army has already marched in," lu kuang cried bitterly."If you want to blow your own trumpet, wait till you have merit." Lu lingqi sneered.股票池"Old male." Lv bu looked at the magnificent sea.

股票池"After recruit already came out, this three character classics is." Xun yu sighed and put down a three-character book in his hand. After the debate, chang 'an academy gave free gifts to famous scholars who came to participate in the debate. One of xun's disciples took part in the debate and brought back a three-character book.Chapter 20 potential"General, look, what are they doing?" Riding in, looking at li dian will be their camp to ignite, a tu each general puzzled to see ma chao road.

"Good." Lv bu turned his head and saw lv zheng in a group of bear children, curious and afraid of looking at the field is having a contest in the ma chao with the magnificent sea.He is now in the face of the pressure is big, but all the same, his body, but with the hope of countless people, zhang liao, Chen gong, seibel, giffin, holds the sea, d, and even their own these women and even the north must oh a living, it is no exaggeration to say that if lyu3 bu4 irresponsible away at this time, ordinary people may not much, but those who follow their own men, but will lead to a good end."The problem is not liu table, as the sovereign, liu table nature unify don't want to do is to the north, cao yuan, now the tetrarch is weak, once the master, I'm afraid then unify north bureau, no matter who unify the north, the next step is to xiongnu south, liu jingzhou impossible to look not to come out, but the problem is that in JingXiang, said liu jingzhou one isn't." Yang fu drummed his finger on the table.股票池




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