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太深了已经到底了h|灌粉机North county, Fuping.A frontier fortress, Although bitter cold, but also honed the central plains people do not have a strong will to live and a keen judgment of the environment, after Pound reminds, d also found, in the air, filled with a faint smell of blood and smoke, face suddenly become difficult to look, Ma's family, almost all in Longyou, if Longyou have changed, the Ma family, can be completely over."Hey, come here!" XiongKuoHai hey however a smile, a hold the handsome, suddenly dragged to his side, right hand held each other's neck, in each other's shrill howl, suddenly pull hard.

"More than half of that million people still remain unresettled, Although according to the master's method, has been elected from millions of people zhuang yong, greatly reduce the burden of our army, but still need to leave a certain military forces responsible for moving people, general wei yan in xinfeng and cao peng ride army, under heavy damage, when quickly added, in the area of bullying, keep jun, make it can't move lightly. "But with the big fellow's contraction, The importance of chicken deer village gradually decreased, if the han army to enter the hetao, can go directly to the west cool, bing area, chicken deer village is gradually abandoned, later the huns to the original chicken deer village as the center, built a large-scale trade, later cao cao divided the south huns into south-east northwest central five, chicken deer village also became the northern handsome cantonment."Master now worry about, nothing but military forces, master account soldiers although fierce, but soldiers will be small, especially cavalry master now account cavalry less than two thousand, and to bully liangzhou, master must have a cavalry can help master vertical and horizontal world."太深了已经到底了h|"This d, really when he is the coach?" Candidate temporary camp, looking at d sent properties, sent away the messenger, directly threw the letters into a side of the fire, cold hum a track.

太深了已经到底了h|Send spies to monitor d's movement, while sending people to clean up the battlefield, at the same time sent messengers to changan, the loss of this battle is not small, but also succeeded in repelling the army of the west cool, is to solve the changan siege of more than half of the crisis, the rest of jun, now instead of worry.At smell speech gas bitter, feeling this is in master there is tired of living, ready to run to my house to rub eat rub drink, but not withstand the country speech will, nod a way: "good, then gamble with you again what harm?"

Cheng Gongying laughed aloud and said, "It's just death. Just a thief. I'm going to meet you tonight. Kill you!"At the same time, with a sharp drink, rows of sharp arrows swept out of the air, gradually converging into a dark rain of arrows in the air, toward the chaos of the crowd fell."Ha ha, the event is uncertain, wait until we kill d." Korea hence caress must laugh.太深了已经到底了h|




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