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日准航母为美护航财经道理财 cjdaoFu DE's heart suddenly sank, but the smile on his face was very natural: "the general said and smiled. The jiangdong people are not gods, how could they know the general would come here today?"Zhang ren's complexion was somewhat sombre, especially in regard to the last words he uttered, which were intended to incite unrest"Not a new message, in fact, as early as more than half a year ago, shu main milan suddenly began promoting land equalization policy, as the follow lyu3 bu4 spent in jizhou, land seized from a family, but also means more cheap than of lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 at least for a reason, and related laws, the people, whereas milan for selfish interests, skills, injustice, the people had not utilitarian, make the whole chengdu, family to dare not to say, to the most recent, milan more fatuous, family take the initiative to lower taxes, the people see the report no benefit, no longer take the initiative to report, but milan secretly buy some unruly, the younger brother feel shu will be in trouble, Specially all the way back to jingzhou, will tell brother. Zhuge all sink way.

"I will send someone to inform general wei yan to escort hanzhong grain and grass to meet the urgent need. General liu and general deng xian have extensive connections in the middle of shu. They can immediately send someone to each city to lobby and persuade them to surrender Pang tong laughed.Although liu DHS itself is not wrong, this matter, he is also a victim, the meaning of the original provisions are also does not blame, but learned from pang tong liu DHS to lu bu is inconsistent, plus the shu zhong xin, this time, if liu DHS stood up against is hit from the south or the jingzhou, liu DHS in shu master connections to many, if, by the person when the time comes for them, it is a great misfortune, now let him to commit suicide, but also can save a lot of trouble, and there is no need to worry about that< / p > < p > they smell, can not help but look at each other, shu those families, nothing can be liu zhang out of the whole point, now has such a big handle in liu zhang's hands, who knows the future will not be liu zhang old things, after the autumn.日准航母为美护航"Well!" The nighthawk that kneels on the ground wei hears speech body a shiver, again to nighthawk prostrate.

日准航母为美护航In the distance, the sound of mingjin came from liu bei's camp. Pound frowned and looked around, but saw that the jingzhou soldiers who had attacked the city wall by other ways had been repelled.Especially after the allied forces had exhausted many elite troops, if lu bu's five elite troops were mobilized at this moment, I am afraid that both cao cao and liu bei would be badly weakened and would have to wait for death.The family looked at the silent ride who take a crossbow Biao, heart a chill straight up and thought at least also want to entwine under two, who want to the other party didn't give me the chance to speak, to directly is a murderer, without leaving the slightest, originally the budding dynasty, and his ministers who have looked at the crowd, and at that time no one dared to change again, lest the murderous Biao ride who just because a move will himself shot.

"Don't you see?" Pang tong some silent look at wei, this shipment is march war was good, but these things are too ignorant, "who is not important, only this time, LangZhong force, has a sufficient weight to chengdu, liu DHS, swaney, even zhang ren himself back, the result will not have what distinction, and before that, all is done for this one character, and filial piety means to add shorts this should be straight, there's always a way against them, master, this kind of strange man thing but a lot of small tricks, milan, is thoroughly plant this time"General, the Lord is not... "A guard doubt to see meng da, this morning liu zhang also saw meng da, but said a few days did not see? And why do you let them looseIt's pretty much a given that something's wrong.日准航母为美护航




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