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正者无敌分集介绍|围裙加工Death buried song sounded again, is not a cluster of arrows rain, countless jun even have no chance to hide it into piece fell on the ground, high reference block in front of cao cao, pike points, will play fly, three at a nearby was holding a gun hands was shock of pins and needles, behind him, cao cao hold day, tu complexion is pale."There's a match left!" Huang zhong sneered and looked at sun yi: "if you can take my knife, you will win!""But faxiaozhi has the ability to defeat 100,000 troops!" Pang tong clapped his hands and sneered.

"All are the division of tiger and Wolf, this time I two alliance, have this division of tiger and Wolf, why fear lv bu?" Liu bei was not as brave as he had been in xuzhou in the past. He had a strong army under his command and some top advisors. Although he was not as strong as cao cao, liu bei was confident that zhuge liang would be as strong as any of the other princes when he won the battle."Free? Method is smiling, looking at zhang song as if to see a fool: "son qiao elder brother in joke? Official protection, representing the child Qiao Xiong caravan on the silk road had any problem, will be intervened by the government, to mobilize resources, in addition, the official goods, don't say you Zhang Ziqiao, even cao cao, liu bei is jealous, is a master, many ministers are not eligible for this selling goods, child Qiao Xiong is complaining about the tax rate? Put bluntly, if the Lord really let go of the right to sell official goods, not to mention 20%, even if the tax is raised to 80%, all kinds of vendors will break their heads to rob, those things, in many countries on the silk road, but can be exchanged for the same weight of gold!"At the command of zhou yu, the boats were pushed into the water camp. Five hundred of lv meng's best men went to bed early.正者无敌分集介绍|Chapter 76 loyalty

正者无敌分集介绍|Many shield his consciousness raised his hand behind the shield to protect hand crossbows, but this time the shoot out of the bolt is not intense, but with a strong penetration, the arrows, though not like before that a wave of arrows rain now generally five feet, but there are also two feet long, with a strong penetration on wooden shield, shield directly through the wood, the wood behind the shield of the shield hand crucified on the ground, some JianCu shot down the shield gap directly into more terrorist, not only through the rear crossbowman body, more directly behind the crossbow militia are shot through with, without the shield block, these JianCu tends to shot through two people body, It was horrible."No more questions?" Wang tired incredible look at liu zhang: "the Lord ordered the minister in charge of the law, this matter should be presided over by the minister, the Lord to promote the rule of law, the minister also agreed, but there should always be a chapter and law, to show fairness, the minister more to face the responsibility of all parties, if there is no clear law, how do trust? How could this minister not ask questions?"

"This minister, whose surname was sima, whose first name was yi, and whose surname was zhongda, was originally a member of the sima clan in chang 'an. Unfortunately, the sima family was killed by lv bu. Fortunately, the minister was still in yingchuan and escaped a bullet.On the river, as if suddenly placed in the endless nothingness, in addition to the boat row across the river produced the sound, the river, as silent as death.正者无敌分集介绍|




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