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森野朝美|杭州长运网"King Xie!" Lyu3 bu4 face showed a touch of excitement, bow down after a worship, followed by the head sent to pick soldiers."Go quickly, notify Chen Xing, immediately go to meng jin deployment, don't let jun rob the first chance!" After coss out of the gate, wei yan side life people will close the gate, tidy up the city, side life Pegasus to letter valley close direction, life Chen Xing rushed to meng jin as soon as possible.D but also stubborn, never say a word.

Just yesterday, Tuoba tribe Tuoba JiFen blatantly destroyed a clan attached to the king's court, although only a small tribe, but Tuoba JiFen has been released, within three days, he will be three Tuoba tribe rude tribe from the king's court, and the three tribes, without exception, are attached to the king's court of xianbei."Khan?" Daxi's eyes flashed with fire and he nodded, "Well, just as your husband said, this time I will lead the troops myself and win this great fame!""Master, do you want me to tonight, to bind this woman?" Sentence tu hey laughed, although is xianbei king's court, but in lyu3 bu4 side with a long time, a lot of guts fat.森野朝美|Chapter 39 De-listing

森野朝美|"D Hugh to go crazy, I'll meet you!" Point in the hands of a flash of steel gun, a little cold star against the sun, stab d throat."Oh? Lyu3 bu4 wrote poetry?" Cao cao surprised looked at the country, he knew lyu3 bu4 once did the main book, the pen is good, once tiger step two huai, a letter run of yuan almost vomiting blood, but never heard lyu3 bu4 will make poetry! Now some can't wait to unfold bamboo paper."You're too slow. We've been waiting here for more than an hour." Addis turned to his horse and looked at Zhao Yun. "My father once said, 'I am alive. I am walking with my heart. What my heart wants is where the road lies.' My father once asked me what kind of man I am going to marry and I will rob him of him. I said, 'My man, like my father, is a hero in the world. I didn't find him before. Now I have found him, so I'm going with you.'

"Monsieur, do you want to fight Wang Ting?" D and others on the face of the look of excitement.Even step root previously known as wang ting first superhero, also don't have confidence to quickly defeat TaBaJi powder, two people in the past but more than once, both sides know the truth, step root not afraid TaBaJi powder, but will TaBaJi powder to defeat briskly, ask yourself not the skill."Let this flood bring this prairie back to its original form!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the direction of the Yinfeng Gorge, There was a spirit of pride in his chest, As long as the western Xianbei and Wang Ting military forces into the Yinfeng Gorge area, This battle, the whole xianbei elite will be lost, the most important thing is that the two largest forces will disappear in this battle, xu rong, d soldiers into jin lianchuan, never break the new road of daxi, since then, decades or even hundreds of years, lyu3 bu4 under the land no longer have to worry about the threat from the grasslands.森野朝美|





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