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成美雪菜|美姿减肥胶囊"Send troops, forty thousand troops sent someone else to inform marotta, let d led ten thousand elite, fifty thousand elite to wuwei, and we meet, Korea hence although there are hundreds of people, but a county, can't afford so many people, Korea hence as long as not stupid, will seek to our decisive battle, but the decisive battle, can't be chosen by him.""Yuan Shao?" Marotta eyes flashed a sneer: "It is sent to send some hay trench, but also sent Hanoi general zhang he station troops on the party.""No!" D look slightly changed, a snatch from the attendant's hand rein, harsh voice way: "inform pound, order military forces to meet me, others, keep the city, not me or father can't open the city."

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"A title of generals in ancient times, in the general sequence, only under the general, not to fame, lyu3 bu4 these years of merit, the position is also deserved, of course, this reward in such troubled times is actually of no practical significance, liu bei is still left general, but the same is of no use, but under the name can canonize more general officials will be some more."This matter put aside, marten is dead, with a d alone is not qualified to compete with me in the west cool, sent someone to receive the city, Zhang Bang Anmin, now how many cities our army occupies?" Korea hence shook his head, if not afraid of the horse's father and son in the qiang people's reputation, how can he let marten constantly grow over the years, and his share of the west cool.成美雪菜|Look at the crowd, still kill their own soldiers hard to get close to d, with the heart is also some hair cold, d in the past can't be so strong, didn't expect, just a few days, the strength of the other party has been strong to this point!

成美雪菜|"Well... yes." Ma dai was d see heart cold, hurriedly bowed down.Giffin smiled bitterly and bowed his head, not to participate in lyu3 bu4 family, but in the heart is some scandal: it is really realistic."If you can kill Korea hence, north palace from willing to take effect loyal to you." North palace from roar buckled in front of lyu3 bu4, sink a track.

"Seibel will be the main, led by ten thousand troops, starry night to huaili, martial arts, maoling line of defense, must not be wrong!"Chapter forty-eight plunder grain"You can't kill us! Your general promised us!" Faced with such a battle, the huns finally panic, they didn't expect the han Chinese general will be so hot, and he broke his promise.成美雪菜|




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