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大家庭电视剧全集30|干博士Giffin please lyu3 bu4 constantly sending harassing the huns tribe, rob women, goods, and then sell the ministries, in the form of cheap deals giffin also please lyu3 bu4 in building market, the acquisition of the huns slaves, the price does not poor, a xiongnu men can change to a horse, a woman in a goat, is to release the two signals of all nationalities in the hetao, first, is the purpose of lu bu, just against the huns, not involved in other peoples, second, is to play the huns, profitable.Chapter xvii expulsion of each tu"Let the text follow." Lv bu smiled.

All three got up and walked towards the door.Meiji, the court of the huns.This has not yet come out from the belly of the child, has affected the hearts of countless people, lu bu no empress, in this era is always a big thing, after all, lu bu is now a vassal, if no empress, lay down again big jiangshan, who will inherit in the future?大家庭电视剧全集30|"Gong tai is right, but preparations will begin this year." For Chen gong's advice, lyu3 bu4 is identity, lyu3 bu4 beginning this year, the newborn, although in business, but the spending also many, his troops to expense and provisions, to make weapons, changan academy to repair, and some places for reassurance, enforcement of tax policy, is to provide, even Chen palace, also can barely make ends meet, want again on this foundation to promote a windmill, although beneficial livelihood of the people, but for lyu3 bu4, is definitely a bundle in the city.

大家庭电视剧全集30|As the fire outside the camp gradually extinguished, when he saw the bearer was zhang liao, pound, who had been standing on the yuanmen gate, fainted. No one answered the door in such a large camp, and finally, with the cooperation of all zhang liao, he opened the yuanmen gate inside the camp."The simas... "Lv bu turned his head and looked at jia xu. He was not impressed by sima fang, but after asking, he knew that this guy was sima yi's Lao tzu.First zero king see shape complexion a change, the king of the slaughter is really moved to kill, want to swallow the wealth of the people of the month, the moment pulled the Wolf qiang king, but here the slaughter of the king of the camp, shen voice way: "can't be you to pick first, this is our bottom line, it is no good, temporarily stop.

Han wenyan did not speak, silently riding behind lu bu, watching the dark sky silently."Not a brilliant idea." Shaking his head, han sui sighed, "lu bu is not my enemy, now lu bu is not back, zhang liao is busy to subdue qiang people, has not formed a siege of gu Tibet, I can lead the army to evacuate gu Tibet.大家庭电视剧全集30|




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