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300556港印广告扇In order to avoid the sound wake up the foot soldiers guarding the city, this time, not hook claws, but rope, took off the heavy armor, replaced with leather armor made of leather, light, hazy night, but see dozens of dark shadow quietly touch on the wall, guard on the wall foot soldiers in ignorance, was easily cut off the neck."Ha ha ha ha ~" Step root suddenly looked up to the sky long smile, has been too long, inherited from his brother khan, has been too long without the respectful salute of these big tribal generals, at the moment looked at begging fu goyang finally soft, step root waved and said: "Well, today's things, I will not pursue, you go."Fei San said, his face changed dramatically. He fell on his knees with a splash and cried out, "Your excellency, if you forgive me, I will be persecuted."

"What is Timothy doing?" Muronggui face ugly stuffy hum 1, looked up to the gate, angry track: "There is no one, khan came back!""Boys and girls, continue to kill, kill all these dare to desecrate my huns warriors!" Lyu3 bu4 an arrow to kill HeGan patriarch, Although don't know each other's specific identity, but look around these he dry people panic, know he killed a big fish, heroic laughter, hand set the sky bow is as a stick to throw around, will throw up a group of he dry warriors smash fly, a rein, crotch horse long hiss, continue to run.According to lyu3 bu4's plan, Kui Tou did hit Daxi Xinjue a surprise, not from some complacent, looking at Daxi Xinjue in the canyon to rectify the army, can not help laughing: "Ha ha ha, this war, our army will win!"300556Zhang he frowned and said, "strategist, is it too hasty to judge only by the stars?"

300556In the gate, male broad sea bloody, like the evil spirits climbing out of hell, almost can't see the human form, a title of generals in ancient times under carelessly was strangled with a rope, dragged out of the camp, followed by a dozen long spear knife stabbed toward the title of title of generals in ancient times.Guandu, cao cao camp, after a big win, cao cao is not much joy, guan yu after the first world war, got the news of liu bei, several times came to want to resign, were cao cao to military busy evade, avoid not see, if let guan yu ran to lombardi there, that also get.Intuition told him that something he didn't know was going on in the dark.

Smile, a hand, the eagle landed on lyu3 bu4 shoulder, mouth a pecking, a mouthful of lyu3 bu4 hand psychic licorice took away."I'm sorry about this general." Lyu3 bu4 patted wang yong's head, shook his head: "for general, but not even admit the courage, leave you for what?"Shaking his head, Giffin frowned and said, "The battle of Yuan and Cao is not yet clear. Our army can't get involved."300556




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